ISO 14001 is helping Businesses Improve their Environmental Performance

ISO 14001 The green institute

The need for organisations to become more responsible regarding the environment is becoming more urgent. The effects of global warming are undeniable, climate changes are affecting everyone. While high environmental performance is recommended among companies nowadays, it can soon become a mandatory requirement, in the struggle to stop climate change and reduce the global warming phenomenon.

International Standard

ISO 14001 is an international standard created to help organisations increase their environmental performances. It is a management system that once implemented will help companies of all types reduce their waste, use resources more effectively, and become more sustainable overall.  The framework provided by this management system helps organisations increases their performance by promoting better decisions and achieving set environment-related goals. Of course, ISO 14001 is not the only management system that can be implemented for such results, but it is extremely popular and easy to use, which is why it is selected by an increasing number of businesses.

How will ISO 14001 help businesses improve their environmental performance?

Initially this management system promotes the reduction of the used energy and material resources. This, in its turn, will reduce costs. By reducing waste and turning to sources of renewable energy companies can make significant savings. Waste management can cost companies large sums of money, so by reducing waste such processes can be simplified and costs reduced significantly. This is possible because every stage of the organisations internal process is closely analysed with the help of the ISO 14001 framework.

The increased environmental performance also means developing a better reputation in the market and gaining more credibility in the eyes of the customers. Clients from all over the world are directing their attention, and money, toward companies that are more sustainable and active toward environment conservation and care. Not meeting environment-related targets can result in them choosing to spend money elsewhere.

Helping comply with regulations

Once an environment management system is implemented, it will be easier for an organisation to comply with local and national regulations concerning the environment. Regulations regarding sustainability and environmental protection already exist, however, these regulations may soon become more stringent.  There is the need to act immediately if we are to reverse the damage that is already been done and stop the negative climate change. So, when ISO 14001 is adopted, being compliant with such regulations becomes easier.

Higher environment performance can translate into reduced insurance premiums and even incentives provided by government agencies or local authorities. Organisations have much to gain from committing to ISO 14001, from reducing costs and waste, to gaining more popularity among customers and finding an easier way to comply with environment-related regulations.

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