Reducing Reliance on Plastics

Reducing Reliance on Plastics The Green Institute

Reducing Reliance on Plastics

Plastic can be considered as a plague for our planet. Plastic items will be around for hundreds of years, polluting the planet and creating hardships for the wildlife. Did you know that a plastic toothbrush can linger in the environment for 500 years? Plastic bottles and cups can resist for up to 450 years. Takeaway coffee cups last for 30 years and plastic bags have a lifespan of two decades. Thus, without recycling and reducing the use of plastics, the environment will soon be suffocated by items made from this material.

Why must we reduce the dependence on plastics?

It is interesting to mention that plastic is a rather new material. It appeared about 70 years ago, being preferred precisely because it was extremely resilient, it was light and required little to no maintenance. However, since its appearance, plastic has led to landfills that will still be here long after we are gone, to waters and oceans polluted with this indestructible material, and wildlife affected, injured, or killed by plastic.

If we still want to enjoy the beauty of nature and a clean environment, we must treat our plastic dependence. Luckily, there are numerous alternatives these days that can successfully replace plastic items. When shopping, use a reusable shopping bag instead of plastic bags. Do you want to enjoy coffee on the go? Have a reusable coffee cup with you at all times, which can store your coffee warmer for longer and produces no waste, as it can be washed and reused. Decide today to make a change and see how to reduce the use of plastics by opting for safer alternatives.

What is the consumer looking for?

A recent visit to coffee shops and restaurants may have revealed the tendency of people to refuse plastic items. For instance, plastic straws are no longer desirable when beverages are served. Also, some restaurants are choosing compostable containers for their takeaway orders. Some shops are making a change by eliminating plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable aisles, offering compostable or reusable bags options instead. It would be fantastic if shops could eliminate plastic packaging.

Why is it important for companies to reduce their plastic?

If a person creates high amounts of plastic waste, due to daily habits, just think about the plastic waste generated by a company. We produce more plastic waste than we can recycle. By adopting a few measures regarding the use of plastics, companies can have a significant impact in reducing plastic waste and promoting the integration of alternatives to plastic.