Why ISO 9001 is important for your business

ISO 9001 The Green Institute

ISO is an international standard that is recognised and respected by organisations all over the world. Businesses prefer aligning to these standards because it is visible proof that they offer high quality and improved performances. ISO 9001 is one of the standards issued by the International Organization for Standardisation and it refers to quality.

Why your business should obtain the ISO 9001 certification.

When it comes to quality, ISO 9001 is the most recognised management system in the world, highly regarded by companies and auditors alike. For customers, ISO 9001 is the guarantee that quality will not be compromised, and that the organisation makes constant efforts in maintaining high-quality standards. The management system is based on seven principles, created to place the client at the centre and promote a constant desire to achieve and maintain the highest available standards.

These seven principles are focus on customers, proper leadership, getting people engaged, process approach, constant improvements, making decisions based on evidence, and establishing a good relationship management system.

Why does a business need ISO 9001?

The list of benefits brought in by getting this certification is hard to ignore. Here are the reasons that make this certification so important.

ISO 9001 brings efficiencies to the business.

While companies tend to focus on their customers, to become profitable and successful businesses should also pay attention to employees and internal processes. ISO 9001 helps with increasing the level of dedication among employees, it increases the effectiveness of internal processes, reduces risks, helps obtain products and services of higher quality, and drives higher customer satisfaction.

ISO9001 results in increased customer satisfaction levels.

Every business wants to find the ideal recipe for obtaining clients that are both satisfied and loyal. ISO 9001 allows the achievement of such goals not only by making sure customers’ requirements are met but also by performing follow-ups, checking out how customers perceived their experience with the company and its products or services. When employees are happy and satisfied, they will be more productive and motivated, which leads to a great customer experience.

ISO 9001 results in products and services of a higher quality.

One of the main reason companies pursue obtaining the ISO 9001 certification is the possibility to offer products and services of a higher quality. ISO 9001 is a management system that focuses on quality. Once this management system is implemented, it provides the ideal environment for continuous improvements in the organisation, processes that are addressed more effectively, and grabbing opportunities favourable for the business as soon as they emerge.

ISO 9001 ensures risks are reduced considerably.

Every business faces a set of risks. Finding an effective way to diminish risks is beneficial for the business, as its evolution will not be slowed down or threatened by any negative event. ISO 9001 encourages the identification of risks and finding the best way to address them.  It is certainly the best management system to ensure higher efficiency, profitability and increased performance within a business.

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